UnderBuilt is proud to announce that we have our final update regarding the new LA zoning

regulation changes and now provide property reports incorporating all R1 Variation Zones covering the 18 distinct neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. All of LA is now available on UnderBuilt, including these new R1 variations and HPOZs, along with additional data on lot coverage, varied height per massing districts, encroachment planes and new garage exemptions.

With this addition, UnderBuilt has now completed all of the Neighborhood Conservation Initiative’s revisions that went into effect on March 17, 2017, including:

  • Baseline Mansionization/Baseline Hillside Ordinance Code Amendment (CF 14-0656) that modifies Single-Family Zones (RA, RE, RS, R1) and Single-Family Zone Hillside Area Regulations,
  • R1 Variation Zones and Rear Detached Garage Supplemental Use District (SUD) Code  Amendment (CF 16-1460) that adds more tailored subsets of the R1 Zone and a Rear Detached Garage SUD to the Code, and
  • Neighborhood Conservation Zone Changes (CF 16-1470) that applies the R1 Variation Zones and/or Rear Detached Garage SUD to a number of single-family neighborhoods.

As a reminder, the R1 Variation Zones (with links displaying their map boundaries) are as follows:

Real estate professionals and home buyers can download with confidence assured that our property reports contain the most accurate information out there.