Welcome to our first in an ongoing series where we track celebrity homes in LA and show how much bigger they can be built using UnderBuilt. Amazingly, even $15 million mega-mansions sitting atop Beverly Hills have room for improvement. To see how several A-list homes can maximize their potential, let’s pull up some reports.

Angelina Jolie

Anyone in tune with LA real estate is probably well aware Angelina Jolie bought the one-time mansion of Cecil B. DeMille located in Los Feliz’s star-studded Laughlin Park for an impressive $24.5 million. The home boasts six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, sits on 2.1 acres, and is estimated at 11,000 square feet, divided between a 7,500-square-foot main house, pool house, and adjacent guesthouse/studio.

But has it found its max build? Let’s check out UnderBuilt:

Angelina Jolie Home Underbuilt Report

As you can see, Jolie’s new home is a whopping 80 percent underbuilt. Per the design bonuses and construction allowances set by the city of Los Angeles’ zoning ordinances, the current main residence can add an additional 23,215 square feet of residential floor area. But with an entirely new construction she has the potential to build even bigger to a total of 36,825 square feet.

Maybe Jolie likes having a big yard and wouldn’t want to eat into that by expanding the house, but there’s plenty of room for growth if she chooses.

Mark Wahlberg

The $30 million former home of actor Mark Wahlberg is a seven bedroom, 10 bathroom fitness lover’s paradise. It sits on two acres and houses a 12-foot waterfall, stone grotto spa, two-story guesthouse, and an airplane hangar equipped with a massive gym and boxing ring. This Beverly Hills modern Mediterranean has it all—including more room to build.

Mark Wahlberg Home Underbuilt Report

According to the report above for Marky Mark’s former pad, the property is currently 63 percent underbuilt and with a new construction can increase the max residential floor area to as much as 24,028 square feet.

Just goes to show that even the burliest of homes can use a little pumping up.

Jack Nicholson

Few homes in LA are more famous than those housed in Jack Nicholson’s Mulholland Drive 2.92-acre compound. Of the several buildings, the biggest is his 3,000-square-foot personal residence sitting on 0.5 acres of the property.

Let’s dive in and see if Nicholson has gotten the most bang for his buck.

Jack Nicholson Home Underbuilt Report

Of our three celebrity homes, Nicholson’s is doing the best job of maximizing square footage, but there’s more that can be done! UnderBuilt shows the main residence is 48 percent underbuilt, and in undergoing an entirely new construction can obtain a max build of 6,341 square feet by taking full advantage of the design bonuses for the area.

There you have it! Three great (and famous) examples of how UnderBuilt can find the full potential of a home and build it bigger. Are you curious how all these results would apply to other places? Throw in an address or APN into our search bar at the top of this page and see how much larger a home can be.