In addition to the obvious benefits of being an UnderBuilt member (instant reports! savings galore!), customers got an extra-special treat at our summer shindig: free stuff! Hosted at the stunning Crestron Design Showroom in West Hollywood, the evening proved to be a fantastic night filled with great giveaways, delicious drinks, and a peek into where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Shawn Peterson UnderBuilt Members Only Party

The festivities kicked off with an open bar headed up by master mixologists from Black LAB. As guests sipped and snacked, we took the opportunity to meet attendees face to face and hear their thoughts on UnderBuilt. Suggestions included providing annual membership options and expansion into new cities like Malibu and Long Beach.

When all the networking was said and done, we got down to the main event—raffling off gratis goods. This year several lucky winners walked away with some sweet swag: an iPad, an Apple Watch, and dinner at popular sushi spot SUGARFISH.

UnderBuilt Members Only Party Giveaway

Then we were treated to demos of Crestron’s smart tech for homes and businesses. On display all around us were examples of how everything from lighting and security to entertainment could be seamlessly integrated to allow people to control their environments with the push of a button. Cool.

Our CEO Shawn Peterson took center stage to personally thank everyone for coming and provide a closer look at UnderBuilt. Of particular note was his in-depth discussion of the recent code changes rocking the Los Angeles real estate scene, and his assurance that UnderBuilt is incorporating the most relevant data in its systems to provide up-to-date, precision reporting.

Shawn Peterson UnderBuilt LA Code Changes

Perhaps most important of all, Shawn explained why UnderBuilt is so valuable to realtors and developers. It helps them save time and effort by only focusing on high potential properties with EVERYTHING they need to know just from typing in an address or APN. Watch the video to learn more!

After that, it was back to giving away more free stuff!

UnderBuilt Members Only Party Raffle

The evening was a huge success. We loved meeting you, our loyal customers, and showing our appreciation. And we would like to give a big shout out to Crestron for providing the perfect setting to discuss both the latest in high-end real estate software and cutting-edge home automation.

We look forward to partying with you guys again soon—it’s truly important to celebrate the people who help make UnderBuilt a reality. Sign up for a free membership and subscribe to our newsletter for your invite!

…and…to get more free stuff!