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UnderBuilt CEO Shawn Peterson recently spoke at Crest Real Estate, a luxury expediting service in Los Angeles that maximizes efficiency for real estate developers. Since maximizing efficiency is also our goal here at UnderBuilt, we were excited to spend time at their offices and talk to several leaders in the industry.

Here are some highlights from our Q&A with Crest.

Crest: What’s one way UnderBuilt can better help real estate professionals?

SP: You can pull up an UnderBuilt report in the field and email a copy to your client right then and there. Our website is very mobile friendly, and clients are always impressed when you can take out your phone and give them an answer to their zoning- and property-related questions on the spot. There’s nothing worse for clients than having to be referred to the next guy, because who knows how long it’ll take to get the info they need?

Crest: Which cities does UnderBuilt cover?

SP: We have over one million reports available within the city of Los Angeles, and we’re adding Culver City, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills very soon. You can see a full list of the cities we’re in at any given moment on the Coverage page of our website. Whenever we expand to a new area we announce it on our blog, so keep an eye out for updates!

Crest: You currently provide reports for single-family residences. When will you provide data on multi-family units?

SP: Our city launches for single-family detached homes is a higher priority than multi-family right now. But we expect to serve multi-family reports towards the end of 2018.

Bird Streets Crest Real Estate

Overall, we had a fantastic time with Crest. We really enjoyed the opportunity to meet their amazing real estate experts face to face, and hear how UnderBuilt helps them work with their clients better.

A few weeks earlier we hosted a few Crest pros at our Members Only Party. Throughout the night, we captured a few testimonials on camera, like the one below from Crest Production Coordinator Jake Malott discussing how UnderBuilt reports assist his team in property development analysis.

And this is what we love to do: Work side-by-side with firms like Crest Real Estate to help real estate projects run easier, smoother, and quicker than ever.