In our never-ending quest to make real estate property analysis easier than ever, UnderBuilt Reports are now available in Beverly Hills. If you are interested in learning more about a single-family residence in BH, just type in its address or APN to instantly get the most up-to-date zoning information for that property.

Anyone who has lived in LA can attest to the fact that pinpointing where a residence is technically “located” isn’t always black and white. Not surprisingly, the same goes for LA zoning codes, where one area can follow completely different zoning guidelines than another just a few streets over. Beverly Hills in particular has some very specific regulations to account for that set it apart from the rest of Los Angeles.

Due to these specifications, we took special care in creating the algorithms that produce our Beverly Hills property reports. Between code changes and the challenges when you deal with hillside properties – there is more that goes into determining something such as setback or RFA than one would think. It’s vital that our property reports provide the most accurate data possible, so we’ve tested and re-tested Beverly Hills to ensure our data is trustworthy.  Rest assured you can find the Beverly Hills zoning-related answers you’re looking for in our reports.

This update comes shortly after our recent expansion into Santa Monica and Culver City. Visit our coverage page to see the other cities UnderBuilt covers. If you don’t see a specific area, please send us a message in our chat box with your request. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we want to know what cities are important to you.

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