You may have heard that Tobey Maguire listed a 0.91-acre lot of land in Brentwood for an impressive $14.25 million. We were thrilled to find while reading some of the coverage that UnderBuilt was used to assess the property.

VarietyArchitectural Digest and The Real Deal gave us a shout-out, with a whole bunch of other media sharing it as wellproviding some valuable insight into exactly what someone can do with the lot once they take it off Mr. Maguire’s hands.

Here’s what Architectural Digest had to say:

According to, a website that provides users with the most up-to-date zoning information for different properties, the space is ripe with potential, with zoning regulations allowing for a newly constructed residence that stands up to 36 feet in height and spans a maximum of 15,671-square-feet of living space.

And here’s our mention in the Variety article:

…according to the website, using unspecified “Bonus options,” zoning would allow a newly constructed, slope-roofed residence to stand up to 36-feet in height with an estimated 15,671-square-feet of interior living space.

The Spider-Man star purchased the property, which is located on N. Carmelina Avenue, in 2010 for $10 million. He never ended up doing anything with the undeveloped parcel of land, and so now stands to make a nice little profit off an empty spot in one of the most sought-after areas in Brentwood.

By using one of UnderBuilt’s property reports these sources were able to quickly and easily learn about the build potential of Tobey Maguire’s land. Even though the parcel is not huge, our reports show that by taking advantage of property design bonuses, a very nice sized home could be built there. Finding out this zoning information any other way than using our property reports would have taken weeks and required analyzing and dissecting the City of Los Angeles’ current zoning regulations for that street in Brentwood.

So we’re glad we could help, and thrilled that Variety, Architectural Digest, and all the rest gave us some love for providing helpful real estate insight into their coverage of the land listing.